25.00 USD



This is a one-off purchase and will be linked to your account forever! 

One Time Perks:
$10,000 in-game money
5000 Claim blocks

Full Server Slot
Gain an extra 25 claims per hour of play
Access to two player vaults (/pv)
Create coloured text signs / Write in colour in books

Create 18 chest shops

Use of /kit Curator Every 7 days to receive: 22 Bottle O'Enchanting, 2x Gear Key, 1x Decor Key, Net and Capture Cage.

/sethome Access to set 25 Homes
/workbench - Open a crafting table anywhere
/clear - Clear your inventory
/enderchest - Open an enderchest anywhere
/tptoggle Toggle on/off TP requests
/dye - Dye leather armor any colour
/hat - Wear the item you're holding as a hat
/heads - Access to decorative heads