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All purchases made go towards supporting the server's long-term success. Our server is designed to be free to play for everyone. However, purchases help us continue to maintain and develop the network and are greatly appreciated.

We currently accept PayPal which allows you to pay with your PayPal Balance or any leading Credit / Debit card providers.
If you do not have a PayPal account please click below the PayPal logo on the checkout page to use VISA, AMEX etc
When making a purchase, please ensure you have your parents' permission or you are above the age of 18. 

All purchases are final and are expected to be given on the selected server within 15 minutes of the successful payment going through (please ensure you enter the correct In-game name). Any issues please contact a member of our staff in our Discord or through the email below and we'll be more than happy to help. 

We do not offer refunds for virtual goods, in-game items, or any other in-game purchases. All sales of virtual items, ranks etc are final and non-refundable. Initiating a chargeback through your payment provider for any virtual goods purchased on our server will result in a permanent ban from our server. We encourage you to reach out to our staff team first to resolve any issues.

OmegaMinecraft is NOT affiliated with Minecraft and/or Mojang AB. Minecraft is © Mojang AB 2009-2024. All purchases go to OmegaMinecraft.

If you have an issue with your purchase, please contact Omegaminecraftstaff@gmail.com or Via our Discord.